FAQ – Freggie Delivery

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All deliveries will be made to Rotman’s South Building, 105 St George St. at 12:15pm, Monday to Friday. The food will be able to be picked up from 12:15 – 1:00pm
Our food is made with the freshest ingredients available. The nutritional information of each dish is included on the menu for you to see so you can know exactly what you’re eating.
We accept both cash on delivery (COD) or Credit Card payments using the Square Credit Card Reader app.
We started this company to try and help University of Toronto students have more options for fresh vegetarian (and vegan) foods so they could stay healthy and focus on their studies. Freggie combines both our commitment to Freshly cooked foods and our love of vegetables into a great name and a great vision for the future!
FREsh + veGGIE = Freggie
As soon as we have received your order we will send you an email to the email address you supplied confirming your order. If you do not receive an email, please contact us by email.
You can order any combination of dishes you want. If you want 34 side dishes and no entrees, go right ahead!
To ensure delivery, all food must be ordered at least 10 hours before the delivery time. The order form is always updated to allow you to order at most one week in advance. If you can, please contact us and we will try to ensure the delivery person leaves with an extra order just for you.
We always ensure we bring 2-3 extra of each dish, so even if you forget to order, you can still get your food during lunch. Supplies are limited though, so be sure to come early!